• Locmine Friends Visiting- Hosts Needed

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    Dear All,

    Our wonderful friends from Locmine will be with us from the Friday 14th April and will be departing on Monday 17th April in the morning.

    As always we are asking if you are able to host a visitor or visitors during their stay here. We will arrange a program of events in the upcoming weeks and we hope to see you at the next meeting in the Cefn Llan Community Centre on the 26th.

    For now, we have just confirmed our party will be held again in the Glyn Clydach Coach House on the 25th.

    For more information about what is involved with hosting or to confirm that you are able to host, Please contact Lynfa and Trevor Lewis, tel: 01792 482702, or email trevorroylewis@yahoo.co.uk

    Happy New Year!