Our Guests Arrive

Our friends from Locmine arrived on Friday afternoon, after a good journey, by coach and ferry and a peaceful sleep in their cabins. It was home for a meal and a rest, with a short drinks reception to officially welcome our friends to Wales. The following day we were shown around the Neath Port Talbot Council chambers, where the council kindly gave gifts to the children who were there. We then headed to Catwg Primary School, Cadoxton, Neath. The school is twinned with a local school near Locmine and the school choir performed a medley of songs in English, welsh and sign language which was greatly enjoyed by all. The children enjoyed performing for the French children and their parents and hope to join us in future twinning events. Over the next few  days we enjoyed trips to local sites such as the 1940s museum, Penderryn Whiskey Distillery and Big Pit. Our main evening event was held in the old Town Hall, Neath with delicious food, local entertainment and a good chance  to get to know our French friends. It was a short but busy trip

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